Health Risks for Tattoos

health risks for tattoos 1

Are You Aware Of The Risks Of Having A Tattoo?

Many people are having tattoos done nowadays as they are currently very fashionable. Even top celebrities are having them done. However most people are not fully aware of the potential health risks of having a tattoo. This article will explain the health risks forĀ tattoos.

Risk 1:

There are several risks in all and although they are generally rare, you should still be aware of them. The first of which is the risk of getting an infection. If you get a tattoo done you will soon see if you have suffered an infection because the affected area of the skin will be red and swelling. This happens as a direct result of the tattoo artist using unsterilized equipment and needles so you should always make sure you use a professional, licensed tattoo parlour who sterilizes all of their equipment. If you’re not sure, always ask and insist on this before they start any work.

Risk 2:

This is so important because not only can you get a nasty infection, but you can also get more serious blood-borne diseases as well through unsterilized equipment. So you’re potentially at risk of getting hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV in extreme cases.

Risk 3:

As well as the risk of getting an infection or disease, another risk associated with getting a tattoo is skin disorders or granulomas. These are little bumps that appear on the skin around the tattoo and are often a result of an adverse reaction to the tattoo ink being inserted into the skin.

Risk 4:

Another possible risk is the risk of getting an allergic reaction. This happens in very few cases but it is nevertheless a possibility. Unfortunately the only way you will find out is after you have your first tattoo applied. There is no where of knowing beforehand.

Risk 5:

The final risk is one everyone contemplating getting a tattoo will be aware of and that’s the risk of not liking the tattoo design, either straight after it’s been applied or in later years. A tattoo is permanent and you will have to live with it for the rest of your life, which is why the decision over the tattoo design, and indeed the choice of tattoo artist, is so important.


If you are subsequently unhappy with a tattoo then you can either live with it or decide to have it removed. This removal procedure brings additional risks because it is not always completely successful and may leave scarring or skin discoloration.

Overall though for most people, the action of getting a tattoo done passes without any complications. There are small risks of course but most people end up delighted with their chosen tattoo design and encounter few problems. As long as you choose a professional tattoo artist who uses sterile equipment, and take your time choosing a tattoo design you are happy with, then you should end up delighted with any tattoos you have done.


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