Need Help Moving Tattoo Parlor Equipment?

The most tiring aspect of transitioning to a new tattoo parlor is the time it takes for the packing and moving of your goods. Even if you do get professional packers and movers, the job is time taking. This list will ensure timely, efficient packing and a smooth move.

Coordinating with Your Society

There are few regulations which must be observed if you are living in a gated community or a society. Some of these rules relate to permission of commercial vehicle entry in the premises. Other rules define the hours during which activities such as vehicle entry, premise parking etc. can be done. Remember to inform your society at least a day before the move. It will ensure that there are no coordination problems or permit issues at the time of the actual packing and moving.

Getting a Correct Estimate

Taking an estimate from your packing and moving partner involves more than just pricing. Do ask them about the approximate volume of your household goods and the estimated time it will take for them to complete the packing. This will give you a fair idea of when you will be done with the entire activity. One trusted company that has reasonable prices and offers professional services is a reliable Moving Company in Springfield IL.

Packing and Moving the Valuables

Pre-packing your valuable items is a fantastic idea. You may wonder why should you get involved when you have already hired a professional service. The reason is simple – when it comes to jewelry and other valuables, it is best to keep matters in your own hands. Have them packed and kept aside so you don’t have to worry about their safety during the actual move.

Availing Handy-Man Services

Even the best packing and moving companies may not employ specialist services. These include dismantling split-ACs or ceiling mounted TVs or any similar installed electronic items. If you feel you may need a handyman for your tattoo parlor, consult with the respective electronic company to understand the best way to go about it. Alternately, ask your packer and mover if they can provide such services in advance, or seek help from Movers Springfield by visiting them on the web or callingĀ (217) 280-4665.