Parlor Update: Ground Mole Problems

Ground Mole Problems - Frontier Wildlife

Last time we posted on the blog, we filled you guys in on our ground mole problems and the landscaping we did to renovate the new parlor.  We want to start by saying that Bruce, the professional animal control expert we hired from Frontier Wildlife Control did an absolutely wonderful job solving our initial parlor problems and got rid of 3 moles that had been doing some massive damage to the landscape of the shop.


Bruce let us know that during the winter, moles can become more prevalent in some areas and we noticed that some of the neighbor stores across the road to us had mole tunnels that protruded from the front yards of their buildings. So, we went over there today and gave them Frontier Wildlife’s website and number since they did such a stellar job for our small business. We were able to obtain affordable animal control in Madison County thanks to Bruce.


Some people believe in using “green” methods for getting rid of moles. Many animal control centers can furnish traps that allow people to trap the animals and release them elsewhere. This can be a laborious and difficult process, however, and there is no guarantee that all the moles in a vicinity will be trapped. Just one pair of moles can produce seven new infants every thirty days.

There are some old wives tales about getting rid of ground moles that are decidedly the wrong approaches to take. For example, it does not work to stick a garden hose into a hole and fill the tunnel with water. The mole will simple leave and relocate a few feet away, possibly where it can do even more damage. Another incorrect method for getting rid of ground moles is to use poison gas. This method can make you very ill and can also poison your grass.

All in all, the most effective way of getting rid of ground moles is to hire a qualified professional pest removal specialist. These specialists understand the behavior of these animals and know how best to deal with them when the moles become problematic. They know that different methods of getting rid of moles work for different situations and are trained to know which to employ and why.


To conclude, All parlors are coming along well and we are about to release a new design book that we put together from 4 of the tattoo artists that work closely with us. We will be giving the blog updates on that as soon as we can, but this post was mainly to credit how great our store is coming along and we owe a large part of that to Bruce, the ground mole removal expert that gave us a great price. We were expecting thousands of dollars to pay especially due to the damage to the yard, but Bruce gave us a flat fee per animal he removed them all within a few days.

Have a Wildlife Emergency? Call 618.391.0321 and ASK FOR BRUCE IF YOU GUYS HAVE ANY ANIMAL CONTROL PROBLEMS IN EDWARDSVILLE OR GLEN CARBON! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.  Super easy going guy that handles all animal control issues, from raccoon removal to ground mole removal to coyote removal to skunk removal. He does it all.