Ground mole removal fairview heights

Greetings everyone! It’s been awhile since our last post and we wanted to fill everyone in on the latest renovations we have been doing to our tattoo parlor and tips how to improve your own parlor. We have a few underground parlors in Madison & St. Clair County in the metro east and one of our locations we just redid some landscaping and found out we had some Ground Mole Issues!

What are Ground Moles?

A mole does not look like a pest but it indeed is, Moles can cause a lot of damage to your lawn overnight. They can mess up the lawn in one night and when you wake up in the morning you will be forgiven to think that there some cows grazing on your rather well-manicured lawn in the night. Molehills are very ugly to look at on a well-maintained lawn and not only are they ugly but they also dangerous to human beings. If you tripped over a molehill you are likely to get an ankle spring. The burrowing of the moles can completely mess up your lawn or garden and you will need to act very fast so as to stop more damage.

Moles are actually not the direct cause of destroying your lawn but rather their activities which are something we cannot avoid because it is natural and that is their way of habitation. Moles burrow and interfere with the root network of the grass and also the roots of the flowers in the flower garden but above all, it is the food that they are after on the lawn that leads them to destroy the lawn. The Professional Wildlife Control Expert that came to our parlor mentioned that Ground Mole Removal Fairview Heights was his most popular area and that if we knew any residential houses or commercial businesses that wanted affordable mole removal, to call 618.391.0321!

How Can They Ruin Property

Moles feed on earthworms, slugs, beetle larvae and other small vertebrates that move around the ground and in search of these insects, the mole destroys the lawn.

Their long snouts which are good for burrowing and their tough rough feet which help them in digging out soil are responsible for the soils on the lawn and the molehills which can be done within a short while. Since moles are always hunting for food, they do all this activity all night long. It is therefore wise to find a solution to this problem else the lawn will be uneven as the moles will make more burrows and more molehills will appear on your initially flat lawn.


Better your tattoo parlor, home, or business by doing some exterior landscaping. While you are at it, call a professional wildlife removal service to get rid of moles, squirrels, skunks, or raccoons to ensure they are not ruining your property or scaring away your clients! We highly recommend Frontier Wildlife Control because they offer high quality, quick removal at an affordable and fair rate.