Using Massage Lotion on New Tattoos

Massage Lotion

Skin Type

Skin type can affect what kind of product that is used. Common skin types include normal, dry, sensitive, and oily. Natural and organic skincare products are made to work well on the skin. They are especially useful for people with sensitive skin. Mineral oil has a drying affect so people with dry skin should avoid products containing mineral oil.

Massage Oils

If you use massage oil, it is important to consider your own needs. Many oils stain so you may opt for a non-staining product. You should consider the consistency of the oil. There are a variety of oil textures and scents. If you have skin conditions such as acne, Jojoba oil, almond oil, and grapeseed oil are good choices because they are light. They are also good for people with acne. There are special products for feet conditions. Tea tree oil is good for fungus. Sesame oil is often used in Ayurvedic massages so they are usually thick and heavy. Olive oil is also thick and has a strong smell. Avocado oil is a great moisturizer.

How Does Massage Lotion & Oils Help With New Tattoos?

The risk of damage to a new tattoo is great – it can get infected, or the ink can get scratched or faded. You spent time, care, and lots of money in developing your body art – don’t you want to protect it? Yet many tattoo lotions contain ingredients like petrolatum, a waxy substance that coats the skin so thickly that it prevents it from breathing at all – and it is oxygen that your skin needs to heal. Some lotions contain parabens, which are associated with skin cancer. Finally, others contain alcohol, which irritates your skin and dries it out at exactly the time that you need to keep your skin moist! These are ingredients that you should make sure are not in any lotion you apply to tattooed skin.

By contrast, there are many ingredients that are excellent for a healing tattoo and should be included in any effective tattoo lotion. One is tea tree oil, which promotes healing and will help your inked skin heal faster. Another is witch hazel, which reduces inflammation and itching. Witch hazel will provide immense relief during the itchiest periods of your tattoo’s healing process. Another essential ingredient is zinc oxide – a healthy sunscreen that protects against the sun’s harmful UV rays that can be particularly damaging to a healing tattoo. Vitamins A and E are also important in such a lotion as they moisturize and nourish skin, and vegetable glycerin helps the skin to retain moisture as well. All of these ingredients are crucial in helping a tattoo heal, and ought to be present in any lotion you buy. If you are looking for the best massage lotion to heal your new tatoo, check out to learn more.